ICAE Virtual seminar on the topic of "Skills and Competencies"


ICAE Virtual seminar on the topic of "Skills and Competencies"

04.2017 - 01.05.2017

The virtual seminar is based on DVV International’s journal "Adult Education and Development" which is published once a year in English, French and Spanish. Issue 83 was launched in December 2016.

The objectives of the ICAE Virtual Seminar are:

  • To promote a debate and dialogue on selected articles from the journal Adult Education and Development in order to go deeper and broaden in the analysis.
  • To create a virtual space as an opportunity to reflect on the concept of skills and competences in Adult Education and Development in the current context sharing different regional visions and experiences.
  • To connect global commitments with local practices, building bridges between local needs and the Post 2015 development agenda, the EFA goals, and CONFINTEA Belem Framework for Action.

The following articles of DVV International`s publication will be this years´ starting point of the seminar:

  • The New Skills Agenda for Europe
    By Dana Bachmann and Paul Holdsworth, European Commission
  • Enhancing competencies in the Arab world: issues to be considered
    By Rabab Tamish, Betlehem University, Palestine
  • The 5 skills it takes to build another possible world – Learning from and for the World Social Forum
    By Alessio Surian, University of Padova, Italy
  • Soft skills in non-formal education: building capacities of the youth
    By Priti Sharma, PRIA International Academy, New Delhi, India