Evaluations and Statistics Reports of the Austrian Conference on Adult Education

The evaluations and statistics reports of the Austrian Conference on Adult Education can be retrieved from the following databases. Older reports are available as PDFs, and more recent statistics reports and evaluations can be viewed in html format.

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Statistics Reports and Evaluations

[ No. ] [ Title ] [ Author ]sort descending [ Year ]
41 13. Statistik-Bericht der KEBÖ 1998 Stefan Vater, Wilhelm Filla 1999
42 12. Statistik-Bericht der KEBÖ 1997 Stefan Vater, Wilhelm Filla 1998
43 16. Statistik-Bericht der KEBÖ 2001 Stefan Vater, Wilhelm Filla 2002
44 15. Statistik-Bericht der KEBÖ 2000 Stefan Vater, Wilhelm Filla 2001