50th Salzburg Talks for Principals in Adult Education


50th Salzburg Talks for Principals in Adult Education


People can learn wherever they are. Yet it is firmly engrained in the memory of cultures that learning will happen in certain places. The term "learning site" encompasses psychological, philosophical and theory of learning as-pects as well as didactic and architectural elements. Sites where learning takes place are of significance, play a model role and also have an emo-tional component. So far learning has been closely linked to schools and classrooms.

Will educational institutions have to offer different learning sites in the future – in particular bearing in mind the aspect of competition? What difference will the recognition of informally gained learning and changes in technology make in this context? In what way will learning change in view of virtual reality and of the fact that it is not bound to any particular place? What types of learning site will people need, look for and turn to in 15 years’ time?

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Salzburg Talks this topic will be approached both in discussions and with an excursion to a modern learning site of the future, the Tower of Knowledge in Linz.

Organisation: Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres, Member of the European Association for the Education of Adults